About Us

Offonhols.com is a travel deals website specialising in promoting deals and travel information for Orlando, Florida. Our community of travel experts and our editorial team are passionate about Orlando, finding and sharing the best deals, saving you time, money and frustration in planning and booking your dream vacation to the sunshine state.

Our founding team at offonhols.com love to travel and felt promoting Olrando as a holiday destination would serve to further enhance its identity as one of the most popular holiday destinations for UK travellers. With such popularit comes a cost though and its our hope to promote deals and activities to make Orlando an attainable and affordable destination to more and more people, in particular young families.

Whether it be one of the world famous theme parks, glorious beaches, sporting events, Kennedy Space Center, or any of the many more attractions this famous state has to offer, we'll be keeping an eyes peeled for the best deals letting our growing community know whats about and where they can get the best deals for thei bucks.

If there was such a thing as a social travel agent then that’s what we would like to think we are, having a community of passionate travel experts who find great travel deals across the internet that our community of users love.